Osprey Observer – Nov. 6, 2014
Two Girls Gifted Devices Enabling Them To Walk At Annual Freedom To Walk Gala

Tampa Bay Times – October 8, 2014
Freedom to Walk Foundation gifts WalkAide devices at Gala

TBO – Tampa Tribune – January 9, 2014
Riverview resident plans fundraisers to help victims of gait ailment

Osprey Observer – October 14, 2013
A New Foundation Aims To Help Those In The Community With Foot Drop

Tampa Bay Times – October 9, 2013
Freedom To Walk Foundation to buy WalkAide for 12-year-old

Tampa Bay Times – October 6, 2013
Volunteers show youngsters paths to improve their lives

Tampa Bay Times – May 23, 2013
Zumba dancing helps foot drop foundation

Tampa Bay Times – May 2, 2013
Riverview woman hopes to help sufferers of foot drop obtain WalkAide devices